a violent yet flammable world

so this is my second day of my vacation in new york

usually whenever i go to cities i have playlists for each place.

for new york:

lou reed/velvet underground
the strokes
the virgins (07 preferably)
Nina Simone (quite plainly she's fucking badass)

mystery jets (all the songs on the new album are brilliant)
lykke li (quite possibly one of the most talented girls out there)
johnny thunders (L.A.M.F. classic)
Richard Hell and the Voidoids (because I never stop listening to the Blank Generation cd)

and if you're like me you'd be getting up to:
trouble at customs
alcohol deliveries
24hr diners
talking to strangers
park hopping
boy scouts
street punks
rhian liking anime porn...
viron having anxiety attacks on 14th street
running around roofs in bathing suits