shoot to kill

so the virgins have premiered their album on their myspace....I don't know maybe it's because me and my boys are firm '07 believers, and for their album we thought it was going to be completely different. I know that the virgins want girls to listen to their album before they go out and that i think will happen plenty of times. but this happens with a lot of bands with their debut albums, they sort of lose the same feeling that they had on their E.P.. I don't know, I don't mind the new songs, they aren't raw enough though. I know i'll like them when they play them live. I do however like the new Love is Colder Than Death version. Anyways they're coming to town on the fourth and if you see me out that night, expect me to be stumbling in very tall shoes with Les Saboteurs and the rest of the crew.


eating up the cracks on the pavement

I think I should become a scout or something, Lindsay is my new discovery.



playboys from dubai to paris

Daniel and Brad had some fun at the abandoned manor breaking shit, lighting fires and all that. there was a group of boys playing in the house as well that i asked to take photos of, and they were all really funny, this eight year old saying, "whoa man, this place is fucked".

the other photos in this are from a shoot i did with this kid Miles, I met him on the subway and i asked to take photos of him for my Boys series that I've been working on for about seven months. When I met him before I went to paris, he was 13(now 14), and i thought it was so crazy because he is so cool. it was so funny because when i asked him about the photos, he was like, "i'm going to have to talk to my agency first", when he becomes a crazy model i had him first.

foxes mate for life


i wanna be you, to see what you is like

i have been crazy busy lately, this week i shot four shoots in five days. the Ideal apparel campaign is wrapped up, with me and Les Saboteurs running around crazy trying to figure out outfits and schedules and everything. On thursday night i was just below bitch, lacking so much sleep. i just got back the film i shot on monday up at the abandoned manor with Daniel Saboteur and Bradley. I'm so happy with the shots and you will be seeing them up soon. I'm just quickly writing this as i don't have a laptop at the moment. Oh and the second issue of HEDONISM is complete, and i will be setting up a page on the website for orders.

an excerpt from the abandoned manor shoot, definitely a favourite.



apparently, doing this in paris is a popular thing, at least for me.

october-november i'm living in paris.


I want to be a cowboy's sweetheart

I won't waste my love on a nation

I love the photo of mark in this set. The other day me and gala took james out for his first summer day. james is my bicycle. we were climbing blossom trees. we fucking love those trees. "Gala, suck it up and get in the goddam tree"


they promised you a lie

the virgins debut is coming out june third, listen to their new renditions here

i've been an asshole and i have been lazy and i haven't put up any new interviews, but i promise they will be up!

the other day i was in a book store for like five hours going through the Vice Photo book, the Mapplethorpe Polaroids (which is showing actually, at the whitney this month) and Panic Attack! Art in the punk years (the title is something like that), they're all really good. Mapplethorpe has all these amazing polaroids of Patti Smith.

Last night I chose grocery shopping instead of going to the kills show, i'm growing up.


choose your own adventure

Leyla and Ben make my favourite couple in the scene...

they were in town and that was crazy. I was being fairly belligerent and being violent as shit. i haven't been that crazy in toronto in a year. but it was so nice to see them, and i gave mark a copy of HEDONISM, oh and the teenagers were around at the end which was fun.

anyways, i shot a roll that night that you will see as soon as i get a new battery for my camera.

from cobra/sharkvsbear