RJ is the way

me and robin are supposed to be working on a shoot together when and if i get to london in august.
he's turning out to be some kind of like, really good photographer or something.


converse reverse

read my kind-of implusive interview with patrick o'dell


youth alcoholic

last night was hilarious, i think whenever i wear doc martens it affects my personality where i think i can take anyone. it's been raining in crazy excess here. our look of the week is wet rat. anyways, hilarious, i dj'd (gala pretended to dj) at the afterparty last night for like, 20 minutes because i was having a mad fit at the people around the dj area and i was cussing them out because they were trying to play songs and i started pushing people out the way. actually i was pushing people all night, i don't know, another punk moment. gala got a little out of hand too, as we always do. i feel like now me and her always get up to shit and we always prance around like we own everything.
anyways i'm having a party, the details are underwraps, but the one year anniversary of the only glitterati is upon us. so, if you know me come, if you don't come too. in about a month. it will be crazy, just because if you know how we like to have fun, it either gets messy or violent in the end.... Les Saboteurs, me, and tentatively the lovely VNDLSM will be djing. amazing!


la foule


day of adventure on SVB

i don't wear makeup anymore/don't care if i look especially ridiculous on public sites/eat all day long...

is it wrong?


an excerpt.

with just a push and a shove he was gone, my best friend down a cliff and i, remorseless, stood there grinning.

My stomach rumbled and shook and my eyes were crazed, light leaks blurred my vision. we used to kiss and bathe in the sea, we made love to the seafloor and showed it our ways. it scolded and told us to get lost. told us to stop drinking that goddamn dirty water. it influenced our language, made the words we said come out in grotesque and sacrilegious shapes. we moved on to the forests, the deep and dark forests. murky and musical, the leaves rustled and sticks would snap, it was like the music people got on to. we smoked the wild flowers and took off our clothes just to be closer to the earth. our arms freckled and our faces darkened. we laid down the law. we puked the city out of our lungs, our pores filled with pollen. we were content in the wildness, the natural mess of it all. we contructed weapons out of rocks and wore feathers 'round our necks, we forecasted our zodiac fortunes in the stars. the forest was our summer love, comfortable and always nurturing, we nuzzled our heads in its breast. autumn came and the forest showed signs of disdain, a lack of commitment. it shed its skin, and its love for us.
winter came overnight and our hair crystallized. our skin glistened and emitted glittering ice, we were beautiful and could not feel a thing. we awoke in the clouds, feather light. the sky was kind, she offered a chance at redemption. we always escape through a technicality, rightfully so, we never did kill spiders or put our elbows on the table. we moved underground, too tired to lose the sin on our trail, we kept our feet dirty. the youth of our days was a disease, preventing wisdom of age to prevail. we kept it short, and we always won.


the sea

i've been outside for about 48 hours, yesterday i was with kavin biking around with the new and improved James, he's gold now...he's been getting many comments from straight up g's who say he's down right ballin'. les saboteurs and kyle dejour joined later for saki and pbr. today i came home all blushed because i had been riding all day from the beach to the harbourfront to parkdale to home. me and gianna went to the beach and then i had to bike to the harbour because james didn't fit in the trunk. then we went sailing for a while. it was beautiful! we're going to have to do it more often, anyways i'm fucking sunburnt and i look like an island child.

me and howard are looking for a flat! if anything comes up email

marlowetatiana@gmail.com, or marlowe@theonlyglitterati.com but really i only use the glitterati one for bus-i-ness.

the campaign i shot last month should be coming out soon, fingers crossed soooon.

jack and i went for a picnic the other evening and he was talking to me about little boots, she's the most adorable thing to exist.



julien casablancas/santogold/n.e.r.d.


this song makes me a little annoyed, maybe it's because the guitar is the same throughout or just it was made up for a shoe company...but everyone has their own tastes

weekend wars

my vast and beautiful adventures:

because love is like a mystery we always are on a unconscious search of something, a sliver, a trace, the tracks it's left leaving your house in the twilight. we fight we fight we fight, and the instruments still play. a kiss is just a kiss we are hungry for, to be nourished at least for a little while. some kisses mean nothing and sometimes they mean everything. it's the dangerous dance we learn to step, quick quick and slow. this is not a diary from me, but a request for those i know who seek love or try to deal with it. some fight and fight to keep it, some grow it in the back of their minds to comfort them, at least to have someone beside them at the lonliest lows. some have it and are content, but it is kept at a mild temperature to keep it from blowing up or cooling down. the boys forever will chase the girls after school. it's fine. that is how it is.


your mother's pretty loaded but she don't have a heart

                                                                    my favourite photo of patrick's

last day today, i leave new york tonight and i can't wait to develop some of the film i shot, i will have to compile my adventures of the summer accordingly.

i did a lot of funny things this trip, maybe i won't tell you, you'll probably just need to see when i upload all the photos.

i hung out with patrick o'dell this afternoon, funny because i saw him last week in toronto, he's the best person ever. we had disco fries/fake poutine and watched this weird thing about online predators on tv. it was mesmerizing to say the least...at least we were really disturbed and weirded out. 

well, i kiss the loft on bleeker and lafayette and the squat au revoir, till next time. 



a violent yet flammable world

so this is my second day of my vacation in new york

usually whenever i go to cities i have playlists for each place.

for new york:

lou reed/velvet underground
the strokes
the virgins (07 preferably)
Nina Simone (quite plainly she's fucking badass)

mystery jets (all the songs on the new album are brilliant)
lykke li (quite possibly one of the most talented girls out there)
johnny thunders (L.A.M.F. classic)
Richard Hell and the Voidoids (because I never stop listening to the Blank Generation cd)

and if you're like me you'd be getting up to:
trouble at customs
alcohol deliveries
24hr diners
talking to strangers
park hopping
boy scouts
street punks
rhian liking anime porn...
viron having anxiety attacks on 14th street
running around roofs in bathing suits