the sea

i've been outside for about 48 hours, yesterday i was with kavin biking around with the new and improved James, he's gold now...he's been getting many comments from straight up g's who say he's down right ballin'. les saboteurs and kyle dejour joined later for saki and pbr. today i came home all blushed because i had been riding all day from the beach to the harbourfront to parkdale to home. me and gianna went to the beach and then i had to bike to the harbour because james didn't fit in the trunk. then we went sailing for a while. it was beautiful! we're going to have to do it more often, anyways i'm fucking sunburnt and i look like an island child.

me and howard are looking for a flat! if anything comes up email

marlowetatiana@gmail.com, or marlowe@theonlyglitterati.com but really i only use the glitterati one for bus-i-ness.

the campaign i shot last month should be coming out soon, fingers crossed soooon.

jack and i went for a picnic the other evening and he was talking to me about little boots, she's the most adorable thing to exist.