of no picasso

we had a crazy night when this interview took place.

well, we had a sofa fight that was funny.

for the interview click

I should really get around to posting an album of all my london photos from my last few days.

I will once I get my final london interview up, and you can see all the photos of ronnie and sam k.


the world

is a place where all the lights go on and off at different times in the night.
is a place where all the boys play in a band
is a place where grocery stores are the prettiest thing on your block
is a place where all the girls got jealous and all the boys got high
is a place where they only want you when you can't want them
is a place where you can't fit the x and the y


good weekend

on the most part.

though i realize i am destined to follow my apple tree and lose my sanity.

apparently i'm redecorating my room. i'm getting "eggplant" walls. party. ps, if you know of any cheap flats...new york/london/toronto let me know at marlowe@theonlyglitterati.com

it's really nice to see that sharkvsbear for almost a year kavin has been documented my growing up. my antics, my drinking, my banding etc. it's actually cute.


looking good

is it wrong?


I am substance and I am one with no substance


so i just took away "letters of success" and "good company" because i thought let's focus on what's actually being updated etc. i'll have that features up soon, as soon as i get really motivated and after i put up other interviews i have been working on. this weekend, two important things are going to happen for the website! or just two really nice bands....


sam kilcoyne

one of my favourite london boys has an interview with me all over town here

if you don't know of him, that's ok, he's happier knowing you know the music.

underage club head and such, one of my favourite underage overachievers.


if looks could kill

i'm having some sort of ridiculous faze where i've slept for twelve hours and still feel like shit. I have decided since both you and i know that i can't seem to write anything for myself anymore that the "Letters of Success" section on the website will have to be taken down and then be turned into a "special features" section. My friends, Les Saboteurs will start writing little columns for me in a new section in the special features called "The World Is Ours". don't worry though, if you're a fan of the "bad essay" and emily-nicole's personal essay it will be in the special features section as well.

i was listening to my recorder last night with the interviews i did in london and honestly they're amazing. i'm almost done typing all of them up so i should put them up this week. look out for them. i also will be putting up some film i developed from london.

till next time




black and white film


here for the lovely photos


look good

i added some photos from zurich, though most of them are of when i was with the Parisians. anyways, i have more i developed but all in good time don't you agree?

look at them here

all the time crazy times.
i'll be putting up interviews and photos all this week.

and i'm so tired!



i'm in philly at the moment

i don't like it, it's funny

anyways i'll be home soon to kiss my kids and what not.

i miss london already. get ready for some amazing AMAZING INTERVIEWS.




if you didn't know that i'm in london than i don't know what to tell you

anyways. i got back from zurich yesterday and it was so wonderful.

just a complete mess of people and things and lightbulbs and kisses.
i can't even say anything about it though. i shot 8 rolls of film while i was there, although i can say that a lot of them are of those boys in the Parisians and the Littl'ans. drinking, playing, everything.

and Clem from the Parisians was teaching me how to swear in french. just look at the photos to see for yourself i suppose. will be back home on the 16th or 17th. well develop them then. anyways last night we went to Catch and danced to zombie disco squad of which one of the members i'm staying in their flat.

tonight i believe i will play with the girls from Junkettes and we will see what develops. until next time




coney island


pretty penny pretty penny

my friends, Pretty Penny have an interview with me here

i believe i may be singing on one of their tracks before i leave for my trip.

i hope you fall in love with them. their music is endearing and lovely.



our world is a vampire sucking all the life out of it. our cheeks are all pink and under the blankets at night we are warm. we sleep. we eat. we all want to be older. we all want to be younger. we all want the unattainable. we all want the next purchase, the next lover, the next thing.


dear 2008

happy new year.
i hope you better not be hungover from last night's party, i'd think you were a pansy.

resolutions include:

well actually i'm not so sure... to not make any promises?

i want this year to just happen.

and if you don't know me, i'm truly superstitious about years.
every odd numbered year is complete shit compared to every even one

i'm thinking of putting up some new years photos on the site.