let me help you with that


23 questions with marlowe

1. Have you ever seen your best friend naked?
unfortunately due to many attempts it's now harder than ever to see my best friends naked.

2. What is the best thing about your life?
free drinks, press pass, free boys, nice clothes, pay day, ice cream, travel, nice friends, good cameras, expensive nailpolish, lipstick, good old drinking in the middle of the day, having danceparties in my apartment, my friends, and laughing about really stupid things. oh and DANCING TO BRITNEY SPEARS AND SPICE GIRLS.

3. Name something that you would love to eat right now?
i would like a milkshake and a cheeseburger

4. What do you think about boys?
i think everything about boys. i think up new ones everyday. i also objectify them a lot of the time.

5. Who did your last text message come from and what did it say?
it said "text mommy sandra, she did all the dinner planning". we call Sandra mommy sandra because she organizes our lives for us. like when we will have dinner with each other.

6. Are you happy?
I have seasonal depression, but sometimes when i'm sleeping i'm really happy, sometimes i wake up laughing i'm so happy. for serious though. but at this moment i'm not unhappy.

7. What's your favourite smell?
boys, mint tea, freshly baked goodness. london streets and brooklyn pizza.

8. What is your least favorite sound?
people i hate speaking.

9. Are you moody?
i'm human and a little girl growing up, when i don't get my way i throw things.

10. Have you ever tried to get back with an ex?
sex with an ex is best, but not actually...burn

11. Have you ever gone camping?
i camped outside a door once for about an hour.

12. Listening to music? What are you listening to?
i'm listening to heartsrevolution duh

13. Where are your siblings right now?
i don't have any sorry

14. Name five things you did today:
ate a few vitamins
bedroom danced
ate a bagel
got my phone to work
found a secret out about a band

15 .Last person who text messaged you?
carmee- refer back to the mommy sandra thing

16. What are you doing tomorrow?
kissing you

17. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
if i remembered than maybe

18. Are you allergic to anything?

19. Is anyone jealous of you?

20. Where were you 2 hours ago?
in my room bedroom dancing

21. What were you doing last night?
drinking rum and coke and dancing

22. What are you looking forward to?
christmas presents and london

23. What do you think about being cheated on?
that happens to people? i hardly knew


i just want a boy with good teeth and nice jeans

put bacardi in your coca cola run a midday in the freezing cold. get your fingers turn purple as you smoke outside. your white raybans don't fit your face. make new friends. and when you get your bag checked at a museum it's always funny when the lady looks in and says "a bottle of booze, how cute"

the staff at the ROM thinks i'm an alcoholic. lovely.


ldn eng

i spent a lot of time as a child in london and i consider it my second home. right now i miss it too much. i miss the way the city cheered up by just a slight bit of sun peeking through the clouds. i miss how i could only walk a half hour in my heels because of the cobble stone. i miss how i always saw the entire night go from dark to light and i always went home when the sun was about to rise. i miss the way men helped me with my luggage in the airports and train stations. i miss the kids. i miss the parties. i miss london! take me home.


there's this movie (i don't remember the title) where the super popular girl is on a date with the nerd and they're looking at the stars and he's explaining constellations and she says "i love astrology" and he's like "that's like horoscopes, this is astronomy"

"Stop fantasizing about romance with a loser. You’ll get the answer to a question. A tallish woman will get in your way."

anyways the above was my horoscope of today. i kind of laughed when i read it but out of pure self pity. the first sentence was needed to be said. because really, that's all i do. fantasize romance with losers.

my lovely friend joy off of uglysmile.blogspot.com



things i want but never can have. things i get and never will want. who are you and where are you going.


modern life

i remember when pink enemy started. that makes me feel old. but yeah, back in 2005 i thought they were amazing for writing a song about dakota fanning's sweet seduction. click to read my interview with cc cunningham here


today's special

now you may leave your opinons/love/hate on anything you like on the blog.

though i doubt people would. xxxx


the marlowe face

photo by will canel



return flight to london $740.2o
express train to victoria station from gatwick £26.80 return
one week travel card £23.2o
hotel in camden $4o per night
flight to zurich each way $83.4o
hotel room each night $81
excess: undefinable

jewels of all colours

where we going? how are we getting there? how much money is on our wallets? how much heart do we have left in our bodies? where are we staying? when's the last train? when can i sleep?


each day gets colder and colder and each day i wish to fade into the white walls and disrupt their peace. i'm sick of my idea and my concepts and the storyline i'm made out to play. i count my fingers one by one squeezing each just to make sure i'm real. what if i turned around and ran the other way? delete my life and forget my friends? xxxxx

miss stephanie n.



1) the new britney spears album
2) erin fetherston
3) Ellen von Unwerth
4) all the boys in the Burberry campaigns



kavin is the best! ahahahahah soo funny

go here for the photos


the cocktail party

what a mess! my apartment was in ruins after. i wish everyone came, and to those who did thank you so much. sorry i may have stuffed cake into your face. a girl gets bored.

find the photos here



pharrell loves to say j'taime and i love you a lot

i love him for it!


read the interview here


i-d i-d identify me

merci to howard for the scans! xxx


i-d magazine

someone send me where i'm in the i-d space page in the december issue.

i just keep hearing of it i want to see it!





the wishlist

in true spirit of this time of year, and when i say that i mean the only day i call my own.

please get me the following things,

more will be added. but basically come prepared with red velvet and pink


means any person or thing that is pleasing, highly satisfying, charmingly or exquisitely beautiful.

arty stuff by the lovely VIRON here

to whom it may concern

save the ones that understand.

make no mistake she sheds her skin like a snake, on the dirty road to fame

There She Goes- Babyshambles
(from the new album Shotter's Nation)

if you hate the fucking tabloids clap your hands.

you're taking my breath away

apparently a photo of mine will be appearing in some college in toronto's newspaper,
accompanying an interview with my close friends Les Saboteurs
i have a feeling it is this one



the dreamers


my clavicles don't match

i'm so tired and my head feels too light and the clock is on the wall and it is not going fast enough. the ticking should be blurred and my eyes should be wide. there is never anything on television and my cds are scratched. the record is replaying and your heart is in my hand. my head oh! my head. my headphones have voices of boys i wish to meet but will be disappointed. the crowd at the bar is making me sick, "no, it is not the alcohol". I like the drum roll, I like the way my stomach feels when it's playing so loud. churn the insides make them pretty. please. like a milkshake of the senses and smooth with no bubbles. make me feel calm and make me feel right. a plane ride away is always easier than it sounds. i wish the lines on my paper could form the lines of your face. when will i move? when will i take off? when will it happen? blown kisses never make their way to mouths and the other side of the bed is wrinkly and cold. you say things to make her feel golden but she's not she's rusting each day. i'm mixing myself up each day in my house. my words have jumbled into monsters and they hide under my bed with my shoes and camera boxes. my friends are beginning to grow in numbers and i hate how i can't count them on my hands and feet. throw them away when they've lost their flavour because no one is as fun as you wish they are. no one can be as perfect as you've pictured and your favourite people are tarnishing. I want the cold wind to pass through my limbs and I want my body to fall over and accept the force. I want the freckles on my cheek to be noticed and my mirror to break. I'm sick of you and you and you. I still want to be in the game, but it's turning pale. Stop living to show everyone else how you're living. just be. I don't believe what i have to deal with. who the fuck do you think you are?


at one point i had a milkshake with this boy in st. marks.
i totally think i only hung out with him because of this.


my dj friend 8MTS will now be giving us his monthly playlist that he's been diggin' while he is the regular table turner at the miami legend STUDIO A


Calabria 2007 (Hatchmatik Clubabria Remix) 4:33 Enur Ft Natasha

Poison (Bmore mano remix) 2:57 BBD x MANO

Shawty is a 10 (Mano remix) 3:02 The Dream x Mano

Switch Board 2:55 Kid Sister

As Above, So Below (Justice Remix) 5:09 Klaxons

What More Time 4:54 Krames

My Baltimore Angel (DJ Excel Remix) 4:07 Madonna

The Motherfucking Rave is Over/Diplo 3:28 Pase Rock

Fais Rentrer Les Euros (Unreleased Audioporno Remix) 4:57 M.I.T.C.H. feat. Uffie & Feadz

Ignition Remix (Cousin Cole Remix) 4:11 R Kelly

September 4:40 Tittsworth

She Wants It (Williams Brothers Remix) 5:15 50 Cent ft. Justin


Caked up (Klever Remixxx) 5:01 Hollywood Holt

Jimmy (DJ Eli Remix) 7:14 M.I.A.


Marlowe's annual cocktail party

I used to throw tea parties, and now i throw cocktail parties.

it is at my apartment and i will be filming for my doc on working on.

invite only.

more on that later.



  • 1 oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz pink grapefruit juice
  • lemon wedge
  • coarse sugar for rimming


Rub a wedge of lemon around the rim and of a martini glass and dip the glass into a plate of coarse sugar.



what wonderful humans! ah! they're too kind to me.
anyways, you can read the new interview here

Hedi Slimane

I have always been a fan of his, and for good reason.

No one really credits him with his photography.

His photos encapsulate british rocknroll youth so much, it's hard to ignore.
I really love his textural shots as well.

Here are my favourite shots at the moment.

but really he knows EVERYONE.

xx marlowe

The Daze

The boys of The Daze are so wonderful and talented, see the interview I had with Felix the drummer, here.


job hunt

the press

I was thinking about it today, it's odd I have always hated the press. Journalists in general I really despise. I know that I am halfway to being some kind of second rate journalist but I will not have it. The press sucks the life out of everything. I hate that. I can never really describe what theonlyglitterati.com is, kind of like a magazine, kind of like a blog. My friend Kavin W of sharkvsbear.com described it as "kind of like the diary of a cool kid". I ask questions that I would ask someone I was getting to know. I choose the people to interview because I think they'd be cool friends, sometimes they are my friends already, sometimes we become friends. I would like to think I help blur the lines between what's appropriate and what's not. Take them out to a party, let them stay at your house. It's weird because I don't even think that's strange, I think that it's nice.




I did an interview with Heartschallenger a ways back in september when i was in new york. The two are such lovely people. You can see the interview here

one of my favourite dj's lazaro casanova did a nice mix of heartsrevolution songs

leyla told me the secret that they were doing a CYOA remix compilation cd.



let's kiss and make up


keep your hemline above your knees, never have chipped nails, smoke menthols and keep fresh.