To whom it may concern

It surprises me that months and months after the original idea of theonlyglitterati.com came about people still have misconceptions about it and about its purpose. Those people like to take it upon themselves on judging something without truly knowing anything about it or even judging me. Originally the site was created to display gifts that my friends were given, whether writing, photography, design, painting...anything. In the beginning as a marketing technique Emily and I decided to make it sound like a clique. Something people would ask about. Something exclusive. Something unattainable. But that was before anything, before September, when things were only a little glimmer. People started wondering what the fuck the only glitterati was. Isn't that the whole point? People paying attention to your projects? No, it wasn't going to be another event photography website, and no we were not here to have people interested in what parties we were going to and what we were wearing one night although that helps people ask what you're doing. I stated clearly on our myspace in its first conception"a new online magazine to be presented to the public by the people that live, party, and work in counter culture. founded by a group of girls who after a while were constantly getting sick of how many people were becoming unfairly famous and others getting overlooked. too many girls have become objects of only esthetics, too many people have tried emulating things that they are not, personas, caricatures, and hype." Even the tagline "substance filled people and people filled substance". Not shameless self promotion, but an outlet for people who weren't getting any recognition in the first place. Yes, i do use connections i have to promote the website, but the website does not mean myself. If anything the website barely asks for people to think about me. I hand pick what goes on the site not for anyone else but me. If other people like it I'm happy. I like what I like and I'm happy to share it. But it offends me that my hard work is degraded into something trashy and stupid. It offends me when people i used to know do not think of me as people should, as a person, but objectify me and stereotype me into someone that I do not recognize. I will not feel sorry for creating this website. I created something that has helped me with opportunities I would not have been able to have before it. I suppose in a way it is selfish, I know the website does help with my resume and what, but this is what I would like to do. I write about bands, I interview people, if anything I shamelessly promote other people. I don't understand why anyone has resentment against me for any reason, I have not done anything offensive. I'm just a nice girl who works hard to get where I'm trying to go. Don't persecute me for it.


perfect boyfriend.

boys who live in dirty quarters.

paper cuts and unrequited love. bottle caps and lipstick pillow smears. bruises and magazine tear outs. breathless or anxious. inky rings around your eyes and bleeding lips. account withdrawn, the perfect party dress. no shirt, your shit. headphones and noise from the roof. cold bodies warm sheets. lungs feel heavy and tar. dust under the bed. late night fridge light. black clothes white winter. pack bags. unpack. fold. repeat. open door. lock door. unlock repeat. only believe what you've been told. it's safer. tambourine shakes. nicotine wake. i like that. bisou bisou bisou bisou.


natalie portman's shaved head

I like doing phone interviews, although i think that i laugh too much at what bands tend to say and they tend to not like me so much after.

but not NPSH i really enjoyed them, i think we're equally silly and ridiculous.

here for the interview




kitsune loves cazals. who wouldn't. they consistently release honest, and honestly good songs.
forget their past. forget the pete doherty friendships and east end parties. kitsune has taken quite an interest in the cazals as they are the first and only "guitar band".

an excerpt from the band's history the label sent.

“We spent a long time on the arrangements,” Daniel continues. “We’re not one of those bands who just bash out a song.” It shows. ‘A Big Mistake’ is driven by lo-fi electronic drum loops; ‘We’re Just The Same’ a gorgeous, half-paced pop song that exhibits the French influence that has seeped into Cazals’ music; ‘Comfortable Silence’, meanwhile, is – frankly – bonkers experimentalism, the likes of which few British guitar bands would dare even attempt. Even in the more conventional moments here – the frenetic ‘Life Is Boring’, the aforementioned ‘Poor Innocent Boys’ – are awash with layer upon layer of unconventional noise. And then there’s closer ‘Time Of Our Lives’ – a song that begins its life as a genuine, piano-led weepy, then builds and builds into a waltzing mini-epic. For all the musical adventure that precedes it, it’s, y’know, moving. “That’s another thing which is important,” points out Phil, “Every song on the record is a true fucking story.”




i've realized that i've really been an awful boss of the website.

i haven't updated in weeks, i've eaten half a loaf of wonderbread, been studying the works of picasso and renaissance men, and now i know that the mandibula is the lower jawbone. Other than that, i almost cried at a travel agency, and i'm two steps closer to begging for a second job as some handmaiden intern. it's nice to express. anyways my trip is fast approaching and i've realized that i have not a stitch to wear. cute yeah. another reason why i haven't updated anything was because i haven't been close to a good internet connection in some weeks. at the moment i'm using a computer born in '98. another cute thing. but i haven't spent a dime since i went to buy some good pasta. point is that there are interviews in the works. people to see. if you follow theonlyglitterati.com 2008 will be a good year.
love you




paint job

viron painted me as her university application.
two things: doesn't even look like me!
uh... bahahahahahahahaha at the description

"I painted Marlowe in black and white with a serious expression to illustrate the strength of our friendship. The background, however, is a vibrant red to show the energy and liveliness she brings into my life."



i feel like blogspot isn't doing it for me anymore

i'm scouting new moving places for the blog....
so be ready to move, get all the boxes and don't forget anything.




letters of success

i've reached the point of writer's block when it comes to writing my own shit like stories/essays you can probably tell in the lack of content in the LETTERS OF SUCCESS page on theonlyglitterati.com, now i don't know what to do about the whole situation. right now i've been reading Diary a novel by chuck palahniuk, and it is affecting my writing, so i've been coming up with darker themes. anyways, i watched august rush the other day slightly tipsy and i've decided that it would have been much better if at the ending there was a scene of a whole reunion. i almost felt unfulfilled and completely not assured that they would live happy all together. but maybe that was just the vodka and my sappy heart...

i feel like it's almost time to start writing resolutions for the new year. remind me to add these:

buy more polaroid film
start cleaning Pete's bowl more often.
keep my bedroom clean
clean out closet
don't take shit from pinheaded bitches.


girl on fire


dear 2007

thank you for the low points and the notable successes. the fifteen thousand tears shed and the ten thousand miles flown. the fifty new dresses in my closet and my expanded collection of shoes. thank you for making me tougher and evolving me. thank you for the nights out that turned into morning afters and the six inches my hair grew. thank you for the excessive alcohol intakes and cigarette burns. thank you for the unknown bruises on my legs and smeared makeup on my face. thank you for getting my heart broken and mending it, and the falling out of love with one person to falling in love with everyone. thank you for the car accident. thank you for the twelve walk of shames i walked and the mornings i woke in the clothes from the night before. thank you for vitamin water and brooklyn pizza. thank you for the duplex on 55th and 8th ave. and surviving my homeless London trip. thank you for taking me from being loved and then hated and then envied. thank you for being out of work and then overworked. thank you for helping me start my dreams. thank you for the friends i got and the friends i lost. thank you for my sex and the city dvd's that helped me through last winter. thank you for my best friends becoming closer and my long distance friends of whom i miss. thank you for brick lane and greenwich village, williamsburg and shoreditch boys. thank you for my warm blankets and good luck charms. thank you for holden caulfield and magnolia cupcakes. thank you for Viron and Gala. thank you for the boys that came and went. thank you for the boys in bands and girls with ice cream. thank you for the high's and low's, to's and fro's, conor oberst kisses, laughing fits, and emotional wreckage. thank you for making me another year older. thank you for being as hard as you were rewarding, i love you.

28 days left.



going to a bar with your mother is always funny, drinking a bottle of red with her is even funnier.

let's hope i get a nice camera for christmas.