if you didn't know for a final project for photography i'm doing a series of photos with the theme of boys.

i've already collected about 20 good shots i'm planning on using but i want to extend this little project of mine. so if you're going to be in and around london and paris and you're a boy send me photos at marlowe@theonlyglitterati.com, i've also been scouting so if you see me running after you please stop.

oh and i got rid of commenting because i decided i really don't need to deal with it.

oh and two prints i'm doing will be shown at this place called jet fuel, if you want to see them



i've reached a new low, chasing adolescent boys down the street.
gianna and i were sitting on the roof patio of corbo today having some ginger snaps and pinot grigio, we were going over spring collections and nail colours. she has a thing for the stella stuff. then we went to her house so i could help her with this magazine thing and she made me a grilled cheese sandwich.


anyways, i put up all the nyc photos...i know finally.

i'm working on some other shit as well, so you may see that soon. i'm not making promises.

important dates


apparently i might be going to Belgium for a night, but i go back to london on the 20th and have another day to chase more adolescent boys down the street. exciting.

when we went to Lit and saw wade, the future boys, famous skaters, and viron got spat on:

the early hours of stamina, when that riot started, at a-ron's office learning things:


colour me in

so lithuanian magazine Pravda did a little interview with me when i was in new york

it's not in english but still very cool, i would like a nice little translation if anyone can provide one


checkkkk it


Ne sois pas si bete

i really hate the film i shot when i was in new york, not the actual photos but the film was just shitty and the photos aren't contrasty enough. anyways i developed seven rolls. you'll probably see them soon and my story on my nyc trip will be coming out.

you can now buy Hedonism...i'm charging 1 USD for people who buy it online... you can pay for it on paypal. by the end of the day i'll be giving more information and posting photos on it.


it's my last day/night in new york.

last night in a-ron's office they were all watching viron and i's ridiculous youtube videos on the big computer. it was really shameful.

i think i'm going to the nylon party thing tonight.

we'll see.

i'm going to have all my film developed tomorrow when i get into town. don't you worry.



want one?

agathe snow, a-ron, tim barber, jack siegel of skullset, wade of the virgins all got one right off the press last night.

why don't you have one?


message//comment//email at marlowe@theonlyglitterati.com

one dollar for shipping. given out for freeeeeee


breaking me up

a friend of the only glitterati and a fine fan Alex Howard let me pick and choose out of his shit to put up his photos.

i like is new gritty stuff, but i like the sweeter old photos as well.

love = pain


last night was ridiculous i took four rolls of film.

so many people who matter in new york were there, the parisians are in town tomorrow.

i'm being interviewed by this lithuanian zine type thing.

hmmm international



My desire deeply harnessed in your spine

i always love how new york likes to welcome me as nice as possible.

today i was going to meet with rhian who is living in soho, and i tribeca, but i was on bond and broadway and i was trying to get a cab to her place and all the taxi drivers told me to walk, you know because i can.

had some dinner at the bowery hotel... to be honest this has been turning out to be a pretty swish trip. i have a nice view of hudson river from my room and i have been taking taxi's all day. i went inside this store that i don't know the name of and they were playing some good things like songs from Reality Check (teenagers) and what not, but they had the most hideous looks for spring. honestly, socks with these strange plastic see-through sandals that i think children wore when they were about five in the nineties. i think i had a pair, pink and sparkly, i obviously had enough sense not to wear them with scrunched down socks. just awful. i want some ice cream. saw some seminally attractive people today, a first. i miss gala a lot.

my new york playlist has some cocorosie, bb brunes, strokes, go team, heartsrevolution, mgmt, and miss winehouse.

i want a new pair of shoes and a spring jacket. tomorrow a-ron is throwing a party with agathe snow at armory(sp?) and me and rhian will try to attend. i still want ice cream.

i need to take photos i have seven rolls of film.


new york

so the premier hedonism issue will be coming out, with a few things here and there i haven't updated anything in a while due to being away from internet access etc.

anyways i'll be in new york tomorrow night, until the 20th

friends will be plenty and i've spent an entire fortune perfecting my spring look.


i'm staying in soho for a few nights, so hit me up,

if you're a friend of mine i'll be using my new york number, if you don't know it drop me a line and i'll send it your way xox



i'm coming out with a zine.

to be shipped wherever for a dollar or two, given out for free

i'm looking for cheeky, unforgiving contributors who produce good shit.
mail me at marlowe@theonlyglitterati.com to discuss details.

i also will be sticking stickers in a city near you.

taking over the world.


penniless princess

the past four days have been rock bottom scrounging for the last of the quarters in the bottom of my purses and getting my mother who's in a different country to order me food from a restaurant down my street. thank god for pre authorized payment. anyways, it's so ridiculous how when i know i get money i'm going to buy some ferragamo vintage flats i've been eyeing...

if you didn't know, i'm crazy-superstitious. and the way you celebrate the beginning a the year/every month really does reflect the way your month will turn out. so far march seems promising. today i saved two bouquets of tulips from being cruelly composted. they're my little refugee flowers. pink.


strawberry milkshakes

on friday pharrell and will of fluokids were in town and we pillow fought and ate cheeseburgers.
nice fun!

i'm trying to take some photos from my black and white film, and also, new york in eleven days. play!

fluokids vs glitterati in pillow fighting

courtesy of fluokids myspace blog