So, apparently the internet knows how much I love punks.

Fevers and Mirrors

the end of summer is still thick in the air

collective, choices from three rolls of film I got developed. More to arrive.

(my favourite photo of gala ever)


it seems to me that I wake up and sleep, look in the mirror have no idea what happened in between

One of my favourite memories is meeting Conor Oberst one rainy February night almost two years ago. He's up there with Pete, as my favourite living lyricists. I admire him so much, his new album, amazing. Gala and I have decided we will see him and Kings of Leon (not together, but we can only wish) when they tour. Top priority.

And time's not poison but once you drink it all you'll die
So lets just sip it real slow, yeah, we can nurse it all night
Try to believe that once its gone they will pour another round
and come back to life


loving isn't easy

If you're in New York August 27th go play with our favourite boys, young lords and the virgins


only by the night

a present

STREET WISE, thanks alex howard. Probably one of the most impressive/amazing edited and filmed documentary. watch it all. learn.

I decided to dig up some Kings of Leon songs to listen to, I used to be obsessed, I'm waiting for their new album to come out. I was going to put up Sex On Fire on my Muxtape, but you know RIAA is bringing muxtape downnnnn. Like Last.fm and Pandora they might have to start paying royalties etc. Awh, I only wanted to hear and share some goddamn music.

She loves everybody

The other night, we went to Tim Barber's exhibition of TV books at Studio Gallery. After the police came I was walking down the fire escape and fell down the stairs. Les Saboteurs laughed and I got up and brushed myself off and continued on with the night. In the darkness I fell down another stairway, and then continued to dance around. Now I have a sprained foot, and I won't be able to wear heels for a little bit. Gala and I made a little mess of ourselves, but that's usual. EMBARRASSING.
I've been listening to a lot of Chester French on repeat. "She loves everybody" is about a nymphomaniac, hah...

Speaking of nymphomaniacs, Hedonism, ISSUE 3 is now out. purchase here


street justice

People need to be put back in their place. The gloves have come off. No one fucks with us.


two young sensualists got off a plane

You can never have enough of what you don't really need

I really love good illustrators, especially when the work is a little fashion, a little sexy, and very pleasing to look at. One of my favourites is Michael Gillette. I remember seeing a poster of his and jotting down his name on my hand. I was in the bookstore the other day to buy a new Moleskine because I left the other notebook I had just bought in London. I saw this amazing display of bookcovers, the James Bond collection, redone with covers by Gillette. I wanted them all! I wouldn't mind getting them as prints too! I love the way he draws women, they always look really beautiful and a bit dangerous. Anyways, this gives attention to what really made James Bond great, the girls.
My favourite covers:

more of his work

excerpt II

Like an alley cat he wandered through districts and airports not lost, not found, aimless, just to pass the time. He belonged to no one and nothing, not even the world. He was born out of thin air, an eternal orphan. He wanted to find an existence, an existence that you could list, an existence that when you wrote down nouns and activities, your life was that. Autumn, sitting on stoops, staying in bed. Just like that. An existence where an idea of life could form. He had love, that was the only thing he could not ever get rid of. To exercise it would be dangerous. But he still held hands. He drifted through the world in this manner, promiscuous in only a sense. Never letting his love overcome him, it was smart and it was safe. It's always good to use protection.


Screwed Over

The party, that is supposed to be the one year anniversary of theonlyglitterati.com has been canceled until further notice. I'm a little pissed about it.
Don't worry, I'm keeping the champagne on ice. Back again soon. Thank you to VNDLSM and Les Saboteurs for volunteering their efforts. I'll be speaking with some people to figure out if we can put it on before September.





Fuck it, I love you

I put fire to our bed

first class flight home, most horrible time ever.
I miss my london friends and london parties, and only maybe london itself


rich girls in london

i'm in london


i went to underage yesterday, some good fun. today i might go to field day if ronnie finds me a pass. it's cold and rainy here, take me back home so i can be tanned and go to the beach!


i don't know when i'll fully like a virgins video, but this one is better than the one before that. I just wish the videos celebrated girls, not just always have them straddling boys. yeah?


dead end of western civilization

so i was running an errand in the pharmacy browsing magazine covers, which i don't really do that often.
Adbusters Issue 79

the new adbusters had this photo and the title being,
Hipster, the dead end of western civilization.

the article is here

I don't know, the fact there are over five hundred responses to it shows that it is an interesting article. Some people seem to be so offended by it, it makes me laugh! Point is I think that some of it is so true, a lot of the culture is reprocessed in a more digestible way from past generations. Nothing is really new, but everything is modernized. I also believe that everything is made to be picked up by marketing companies to sell back to the kids. perhaps the reason why thirteen year olds listen to crystal castles and wear cheap mondays? Companies like Urban Outfitters have merchants of cool picking up the trends and selling it for three times the price. (Reason why there are fucking lomography cameras sold there) Of course I can't really make these types of statements because really I add fuel to the fire as well, it's all a strange cycle. The difference in culture really, is money. The only reason why some things are a subculture is because of the lack of it. MGMT doesn't care if they sell out, because really, if they make a good album, they don't (really) change their sound, it's the same product except with financial backing. So isn't that kind of making mainstream culture a bit better? By actually giving solid bands funds to do what they want? But selling out isn't really the main context of the article. The quote up from Time Out New York says, "they must be buried for cool to be reborn". I agree to an extent. As an objective view on things, completely disregarding the fact you probably think I am a huge hypocrite. Cool and all things good in art comes from dark times, struggle etc. Most of these kids on the scene have never had any of that shit. I've been waiting and thinking about what will come next. I'm fucking bored with the obsession with youth and irony and whatever. Just do something productive. Whatever you do when drunk, well, just don't undress for party photographers. Oh and another thing, NEVER WEAR FLANNEL. It's ugly all the time.




i'll be covering underage festival for artrocker magazine

comeeee playyyyy