I want to be the boy

the paris b&w's are up!

Clement was always shouting "tu es fou" at me in paris.


I leave you with Juno Temple, hot stuff


young love


pretty girls make graves

the Sabs birthday party, some london, some paris.

i have some b&w to develop today.

we had it all when we were thirteen with nothing but a dream and a pocket full of change. it's all going to hell in one large motion and i don't know whether to make it stop or watch the fury.


and we speak of the rain, always back to the rain

from paris to london tonight

last night again was ridiculous absolutely.

i'm home tomorrow afternoon to sleep and be normal and not run around like a little shit punk on the streets of paris.


men's needs

last night was interesting i suppose... me and redhotcar-fluokid went for some dinner and we got lost trying to find la truskel where gricha rock&roll was hosting a little party. anyways he dropped me off and i watched some young paris bands play songs. i drank white wine... of course and clem finallllyyyy came to the bar (after not showing up to an earlier meeting and i had to smoke my marlboros by myself in jardins du luxembourg) and i met all these boys in bands. night progresses, i'm on the list for the modular party under marlowe glitterati and i don't fucking know where it is from la truskel. clem keeps saying i'm out of my mind, "are you drunk or just being crazy?" because i keep asking for macaroons. the other ones keep saying, "can you please stop saying "fuck" it's so vulgar"..."fuck off!" i should have gone to the modular party. i've moved from the hilton paris to marriott champs-elysees, and tonight i plan on having some chardonnay on the seine.

it's strange how paris's scenes are pretty divided like when it comes to the rock and roll/indie type kids and the electro fluo kids. like they don't even know each other exists or something.

i've been writing a lot while i've been here for the second issue of HEDONISM. "so cool"




Cut your hair, get a real job, for fucks sake you're past twenty five.
What are you doing with your life?

i'm bored in paris... i'm watching rock&roll's rehearsal today...

vin blancs killer


je ne comprende pas

bonjour from paris i'm here and all i've been doing is eating ice cream

yesterday i saw clem parisians for a bit and we went around chatelet eating cheeseburgers and drinking wine.

my hotel is so strange. it's right next to the eiffel tower and there are condoms in the mini bar...like refridgerated...

i'm terrible behind on so much shit but i promise i'll put it all up when i get home!



someone take me to a party!


visions arise

Sam is convinced I don't like his band.

but i love them! visions arise is gold and their going to be putting up new things as well since they're recording right now. anyways they're probably going to be the band with all the critical hype and all the music of '08, i mean a band that gets klaxons, arctic monkeys and peaches geldof all in a club and listening to their gothic punk is something not worth passing up.

oh and what it says on their myspace is brilliant.

Retaining the male has not even the dubious purpose of reproduction. The male is a biological accident: the y(male) chromosome is an incomplete x(female) chromosome, that is, has an incomplete set of chromosomes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, a walking abortion, aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples.


police and thieves

So I'm in London and it's so beautiful I always miss it a lot whenever I'm not here. New Yorkers say that's a fault but I don't think so. I was staying at the Trafalgar for two nights and it was pretty strange. It was an amazing hotel but it was like a club at night, plastic animal sculptures, resident dj and all. I'm at the Grand right now and still coughing. It's already spring here. There are leaves on the trees and everything.

I'm obsessed with Air Canada, they have the best selection of everything in those little personal entertainment tv things. I watched Control on the plane and I felt like crying, it was a really weak moment for me. they have a lot of full length albums and shit too, I felt slightly awkward being able to listen to digitalism/lcd soundsystem/daft punk and making playlists on a plane.

We were watching really strange English tv at the hotel, like really fucking weird it was hard to take my eyes away. I've been hanging out with my boys, today I saw Howard (alex howard) and I ate a bagel from the shop on brick lane. tomorrow sam is finally hanging out

If you ordered a zine from me you're getting it soon, i promise! it's just i'm a busy girl...i'll write you a little note of apologies.

i leave you with this



i inherited being a misfit

my new york diary is up in "members only". the first entry, i was going to release it all at once but then decided against it...too much reading.

i'll post the second entry up soon...i don't know what the fuck i'm supposed to pack for tomorrow!


lonely children probably wrote the bible

i've been seriously sick and honestly it can't be good... i've been coughing worse than a long term chain smoker.

but anyways i'm putting a second issue together of HEDONISM if you want to contribute. i'm really annoyed at all the emails i've been getting asking me if they can send me stuff, just send it, ok.

i'll be in london tomorrow night

look forward to my new york diary entry and interview with the very cool new york band YOUNG LORDS.

in paris i'm going to pick up a copy of the new vogue hommes s/s 08 issue

the theme of the issue is eroticism