men's needs

last night was interesting i suppose... me and redhotcar-fluokid went for some dinner and we got lost trying to find la truskel where gricha rock&roll was hosting a little party. anyways he dropped me off and i watched some young paris bands play songs. i drank white wine... of course and clem finallllyyyy came to the bar (after not showing up to an earlier meeting and i had to smoke my marlboros by myself in jardins du luxembourg) and i met all these boys in bands. night progresses, i'm on the list for the modular party under marlowe glitterati and i don't fucking know where it is from la truskel. clem keeps saying i'm out of my mind, "are you drunk or just being crazy?" because i keep asking for macaroons. the other ones keep saying, "can you please stop saying "fuck" it's so vulgar"..."fuck off!" i should have gone to the modular party. i've moved from the hilton paris to marriott champs-elysees, and tonight i plan on having some chardonnay on the seine.

it's strange how paris's scenes are pretty divided like when it comes to the rock and roll/indie type kids and the electro fluo kids. like they don't even know each other exists or something.

i've been writing a lot while i've been here for the second issue of HEDONISM. "so cool"