oh the taste of new york city has me flat out on the ground...

I'm in new york, after a chaotic evening of taxi after taxi and not finding my passport and missing a flight etc. yes I'm on of those travellers. I barely packed anything, and I'm still figuring out my costume. Robin is having a party out at the loft in brooklyn for halloween. Comeeee. It's fucking freezing in this apartment. I've been dressing like a goth recently if you haven't seen me... it's getting to a point. 

I will hold up my end of the bargain by working on stuff to show you this week. Oh and Canzine went amazingly, i have to go and make more copies of the fourth issue to dish out to people here. I also sold a few prints. 

I'm a bit obsessed with Jonas Löfgren's illustrations, I saw his work in Lula magazine for the girl of my dreams issue. I like the fact all his drawings are a bit sooty. 


So as I'm putting together the fourth issue of Hedonism I'm watching Discovery channel, hmm. It's a good thing to be found doing on a Saturday night. Please come to CanZine tomorrow at the Gladstone, it starts at 1 and ends at 7. 
If you haven't sent me any submissions yet, this is your last chance. I make an early trip to Kinko's tomorrow. 

new photos
new interview(s) 
new zineeeeee 



when shit was still creative


the weather outside is fright-full

from my window, it's fucking snowing

yes, SNOWING. 

but...it isn't even halloween yet!


I like it when you say you're gonna beat kids up, gets me off! gets me off!



dear kids, i need contributors for theee zine. i can't print all your pretty photos, so writing is much preferrred. but you can send photos and illustrations if ya want. writing should be short snappy and something you think i'll enjoy reading. oh yeah, and hurry up I want everything by next week. i'm saying thursday is deadline.




i wanna go, let's go

a photo of mine is in Afisha, a cool russian magazine, they were lovely and sent me two issues in the mail. i secretly do some stuff for magazines, this is my article for artrocker/converse music. 

the full article is available at converse music

that was quite a funny day,
here's the vid of gallows playing, there's a part where you see misty, ralphi lou and harriet with dizzee and frank gallows ahahahaha. and also you get to witness the fucking crazy circle pit that made me nervous and think i was going to get trampled.


She had polkadots and rubies in her dreams, french fantasies on cinema screens

it's thanksgiving here (in canada) and i've been trying to figure out what i'm thankful for, it's almost as bad as making a new years resolution list. holidays always depress me. 

I've been listening to Diamond Street radio show episode one, Pharrell put in heartbreaker/metronomy and the golden silvers in. so good. I believe episode two arrives soon.
Speaking of which, i think i'm going to start french lessons soon.

the golden silvers, swoon worthy


anti binge

these are kind of amazing

I somehow see what's beautiful in things that are ephemeral


kiss for kavin

i heard she broke your heart again

I am getting my b&w film developed soon from the weekend, should be interesting to see how they come out since I was using my new point and shoot. I'm happy to announce that I'll be in New York for a little less than a week around Halloween because my favourite London twins, Misty and Ralphi Lou will be in town. We're still figuring out costumes... I'm somehow being sucked into the whole American politics thing, and I'm tired of talking about it. I just got a twitter account, so I don't know what to do with it... 

I'm excited about some of the interviews I'll be doing in a few weeks, but speaking of the past bands I've interviewed/photographed, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head has been doing so well for themselves! Vice gave them a good review an issue ago. A lot of the kids I've met along the way are doing amazing things for themselves, it's pretty crazy. 


permanently black and blue

currently writing to you in the midst of our whirlwind weekend. it's cold out and nuit blanche brings out the wild in everyone... Gala and I got our hair cut as an art installation... the hungry ghost was very crowded and i don't think there were enough prints to look at, we all wanted to see a bit more. anyways, wedding wedding wedding. We'll scrub up for today only. Autumn is here, and I've been sick for a week.



I loved muxtape, it was kind of amazing, it was a new way of discovering music through other people's tastes.

read Justin's ridiculous battle with the labels on the main page.

white night white knight

This weekend may be the only weekend to get an advancement in culture, for a full 12 hours from 6:52 pm on saturday to sunday's sunrise. Nuit Blanche. It's the third annual "free all-night contemporary art thing". Gala and I are going to try and marathon it this weekend. First, Friday with the Hungry Ghost show with work from Brad Phillips, Jessica Eaton, Tim Barber + more.

(jessica eaton)
(brad phillips)

And then Nuit Blanche, with more than enough artists/installations/delirious catastrophes for twelve hours that will hopefully persuade the government to not cut money for the arts.

But Sunday, ohhhhh. Me and gala go to the wedding, and afterwards black kids/the virgins concert. Should be sticky.

friends in quotations

I rediscovered interviewing artists. I'm doing a new onslaught of interviews as autumn comes into season and I can't go out to play as much as when it was spring and summer. Ryan of That Ghost is kind of the best. If you remember I once posted one of his songs in July because I was obsessed with his music.