oh the taste of new york city has me flat out on the ground...

I'm in new york, after a chaotic evening of taxi after taxi and not finding my passport and missing a flight etc. yes I'm on of those travellers. I barely packed anything, and I'm still figuring out my costume. Robin is having a party out at the loft in brooklyn for halloween. Comeeee. It's fucking freezing in this apartment. I've been dressing like a goth recently if you haven't seen me... it's getting to a point. 

I will hold up my end of the bargain by working on stuff to show you this week. Oh and Canzine went amazingly, i have to go and make more copies of the fourth issue to dish out to people here. I also sold a few prints. 

I'm a bit obsessed with Jonas Löfgren's illustrations, I saw his work in Lula magazine for the girl of my dreams issue. I like the fact all his drawings are a bit sooty.