moving to london

i am going to london for two weeks in july around the 15th to 29th to look at flats/maybe find the perfect roomie. i'm planning on being settled in late september in london.

right now it would be amazing if anyone knew anyone that could possibly handle living with me. because then that helps me widen my search for a flat for quality and cost.

i'm messy
i have lots of clothing that you will probably want to borrow if you're a girl or a boy
i bake lots of different desserts
i have decent music taste
i can sleep through concerts so if you're noisy i don't really care
i'll take photos of you at you're absolute best, absolute worse
i buy people random trinkets that they'll never need
i'm really good at making decisions and decorating
i love grocery shopping

you must be okay with:

stumbling in at unearthly hours
people coming over
not-so-loud but loud music
having absinthe mondays
and drinking a lot of white wine
people smoking inside (negotiable)

let me know!!



please send me links to your own personal page/facebook/whatever + why you think we'd get along etc. etc. plus what your budget is like



rodeo songs

finally a new interview, we did in march but whatever...
so apparently they're in nylon guys, well i had them in march! so ha!

young lords are the real fucking deal




i wanna be a ramptramp

this will be at studio gallery on friday, and i basically postponed my ny trip for this craziness. doooo it up.


it seems i'm slipping back into my old ways. it just will get curiouser and curiouser from here.

viron's freckles are back in full force, it really is summer!

oh and i realized the drunken anti love letter looks like it could apply to different people, but mainly just the main one.



photo by rachel woroner


let it be said, that romance is dead.

tonight, is the first night that i believe that i've become a cynic, i have lost faith in romance and what is boys. perhaps this is just a drunken mishap, and i take too much advantage that this is a somewhat public forum. this is addressed to everyone and everything, but maybe more specifically to the ones who know who i speak of. I don't ask to be made into some ideal character that you can set your romanticized ideas on. i'm not an idea, i'm not what you think i am.

when will people have the fucking ability to possibly tell someone what their thoughts are on whatever is going on between the people. i am not your goddam mother, i'm not scolding you for not doing something. own up to your own mistakes. if this is a sign of my future, i don't have enough time or energy to deal with this kind of shit. stop being a little shit coward. i can't deal with all this bullshit, why must they all lack even the simple rudiments of courage.

it's amazing to me that everyone always likes to flatter themselves with the idea that they are the ones that make me crazy. maybe, if you can even consider that all in all you're all probably a bunch of assholes who can't even see through their own problems and yet pass judgment on my own. don't run away because you think i'm in the process of loving you, don't flatter yourself too much, or else it just gets too embarrassing.

no one ever wants anyone to get hurt. they never ask, they always assume.

this is just for further reference, i don't believe in playing games, so i lay it all on the table and see how it goes. and if you were wondering this isn't going out to just one person. this is a bunch of things i've been meaning to say. this is the first night i've ever regretted being friends with boys. Whenever I want something in particular it's never exactly what i get.

i just want to kiss you and hold your hand, but you know, we're not friends or anything.


for old times sake

pacific! reminds me of last summer, this one is my personal favourite


I'll be in new york late next week with rhian to watch movies and play bingo. I'm craving some banana pudding and marc by marc.

I'm feeling the remorse of year and a half long spell of ridiculous behaviour. last night included! best part yesterday, gala and i running around lost in a forest with cabernet in hand and her with lighter-fluid-tasting-old-milwaukee. i had to climb over a wire fence in rainboots, gala kept laughing at me. it was almost youtube appropriate. we just have some times where we completely forget, (or perhaps block out) some of the things that happen to us on our little nights out, or things people say. we seriously need to stop embarrassing ourselves, it's getting me down


you're a little shit, and you can quote me on it



so i'm here and i'm eating all the red popsicles in the freezer. my tongue is red, my room is still a mess and there's no sense in cleaning. the summer's here like an old friend with good intentions and we're all ready to be saved. the insomnia gets worse as the days get longer and my love is like a shattered glass bent on finding all the pieces and lost in all the cracks. fire seems to make things grow, all the candles in my house are crooked. it's safe to say that the night knows me best. night doesn't tell my secrets, it let's me smoke in the kitchen and sit on the roof. my bones still feel limber, i still sit in one position for hours, i still miss the way the past feels. i still miss the way yesterday was. i miss all my yesterdays, but never as keen as tomorrow. crying won't do any good, being upset won't change anything but i still am. everyone wishes my slight breakdowns are always their fault. if only it was that easy. becoming the the people you wrote about four years ago is never what you expect. if it wasn't true, i would have made it up. gala says i'm getting crazier by the day. somedays i feel too trivial to exist. i'm moving soon...i don't know where, but bring me boxes anyways.



facebook disabled my profile, i had to make a new one

search: marlowe tatiana

note: it's nice that you want to know me, but i won't add you if we've never spoken before.


slipping into k-holes

in the confusion /I made an illusion /I spit out a track /and I don't look back

yes, wade is holding the new issue of HEDONISM, order a copy here

got tracks on my arms/ tracks on my face/ there's tracks on the walls/ all over the place

Saboteur Nicolas took some shots at the virgins in this roll.

COMMOTION-my first short film

motorcycle riding in the rain, filming in dark parking lots while drug deals go on, DEP gel, rolling pants, looking at bruce davidson photos, breaking shit.

merci beaucoup to les saboteurs and david james.


staying six forever

the other day the lovely miss kim was speaking to me about the website and suggested how i should create another zine of my adventures in the cities i go to. the strange situations i get into, the crazy events that always seem to happen... like running around with my luggage (in it a fur coat, opera gloves, a selection of black patent shoes, and three different cameras) with no place to stay, or being invited to have lunch with a princess's offspring (yes, happened once...very strange). she said something so funny,

"You're the real life Eloise!"

it kind of made my day. Eloise is my favourite!

How to Dress? "The first thing you have to do is put on your gloves."- Eloise


and when it's quiet and the lights in houses and apartment 406 is still dark you know you are alone in the morning that still feels like night, but can never qualify as night. the sun creeps into the sky more east than here. the sky looks like a velvet curtain, a blanket over those who can sleep at night. but not me. so here we are, me and three, four, five in the morning. we can't sleep because we have occupations to attend to. the air is cold but it hasn't been inhaled yet. this time of twilight makes me honest, it makes me scared, but i like it.

songs for when you can't sleep: going out when it's warm at night


my favourite obsession