moving to london

i am going to london for two weeks in july around the 15th to 29th to look at flats/maybe find the perfect roomie. i'm planning on being settled in late september in london.

right now it would be amazing if anyone knew anyone that could possibly handle living with me. because then that helps me widen my search for a flat for quality and cost.

i'm messy
i have lots of clothing that you will probably want to borrow if you're a girl or a boy
i bake lots of different desserts
i have decent music taste
i can sleep through concerts so if you're noisy i don't really care
i'll take photos of you at you're absolute best, absolute worse
i buy people random trinkets that they'll never need
i'm really good at making decisions and decorating
i love grocery shopping

you must be okay with:

stumbling in at unearthly hours
people coming over
not-so-loud but loud music
having absinthe mondays
and drinking a lot of white wine
people smoking inside (negotiable)

let me know!!



please send me links to your own personal page/facebook/whatever + why you think we'd get along etc. etc. plus what your budget is like