police and thieves

So I'm in London and it's so beautiful I always miss it a lot whenever I'm not here. New Yorkers say that's a fault but I don't think so. I was staying at the Trafalgar for two nights and it was pretty strange. It was an amazing hotel but it was like a club at night, plastic animal sculptures, resident dj and all. I'm at the Grand right now and still coughing. It's already spring here. There are leaves on the trees and everything.

I'm obsessed with Air Canada, they have the best selection of everything in those little personal entertainment tv things. I watched Control on the plane and I felt like crying, it was a really weak moment for me. they have a lot of full length albums and shit too, I felt slightly awkward being able to listen to digitalism/lcd soundsystem/daft punk and making playlists on a plane.

We were watching really strange English tv at the hotel, like really fucking weird it was hard to take my eyes away. I've been hanging out with my boys, today I saw Howard (alex howard) and I ate a bagel from the shop on brick lane. tomorrow sam is finally hanging out

If you ordered a zine from me you're getting it soon, i promise! it's just i'm a busy girl...i'll write you a little note of apologies.

i leave you with this