My desire deeply harnessed in your spine

i always love how new york likes to welcome me as nice as possible.

today i was going to meet with rhian who is living in soho, and i tribeca, but i was on bond and broadway and i was trying to get a cab to her place and all the taxi drivers told me to walk, you know because i can.

had some dinner at the bowery hotel... to be honest this has been turning out to be a pretty swish trip. i have a nice view of hudson river from my room and i have been taking taxi's all day. i went inside this store that i don't know the name of and they were playing some good things like songs from Reality Check (teenagers) and what not, but they had the most hideous looks for spring. honestly, socks with these strange plastic see-through sandals that i think children wore when they were about five in the nineties. i think i had a pair, pink and sparkly, i obviously had enough sense not to wear them with scrunched down socks. just awful. i want some ice cream. saw some seminally attractive people today, a first. i miss gala a lot.

my new york playlist has some cocorosie, bb brunes, strokes, go team, heartsrevolution, mgmt, and miss winehouse.

i want a new pair of shoes and a spring jacket. tomorrow a-ron is throwing a party with agathe snow at armory(sp?) and me and rhian will try to attend. i still want ice cream.

i need to take photos i have seven rolls of film.