i've realized that i've really been an awful boss of the website.

i haven't updated in weeks, i've eaten half a loaf of wonderbread, been studying the works of picasso and renaissance men, and now i know that the mandibula is the lower jawbone. Other than that, i almost cried at a travel agency, and i'm two steps closer to begging for a second job as some handmaiden intern. it's nice to express. anyways my trip is fast approaching and i've realized that i have not a stitch to wear. cute yeah. another reason why i haven't updated anything was because i haven't been close to a good internet connection in some weeks. at the moment i'm using a computer born in '98. another cute thing. but i haven't spent a dime since i went to buy some good pasta. point is that there are interviews in the works. people to see. if you follow theonlyglitterati.com 2008 will be a good year.
love you