To whom it may concern

It surprises me that months and months after the original idea of theonlyglitterati.com came about people still have misconceptions about it and about its purpose. Those people like to take it upon themselves on judging something without truly knowing anything about it or even judging me. Originally the site was created to display gifts that my friends were given, whether writing, photography, design, painting...anything. In the beginning as a marketing technique Emily and I decided to make it sound like a clique. Something people would ask about. Something exclusive. Something unattainable. But that was before anything, before September, when things were only a little glimmer. People started wondering what the fuck the only glitterati was. Isn't that the whole point? People paying attention to your projects? No, it wasn't going to be another event photography website, and no we were not here to have people interested in what parties we were going to and what we were wearing one night although that helps people ask what you're doing. I stated clearly on our myspace in its first conception"a new online magazine to be presented to the public by the people that live, party, and work in counter culture. founded by a group of girls who after a while were constantly getting sick of how many people were becoming unfairly famous and others getting overlooked. too many girls have become objects of only esthetics, too many people have tried emulating things that they are not, personas, caricatures, and hype." Even the tagline "substance filled people and people filled substance". Not shameless self promotion, but an outlet for people who weren't getting any recognition in the first place. Yes, i do use connections i have to promote the website, but the website does not mean myself. If anything the website barely asks for people to think about me. I hand pick what goes on the site not for anyone else but me. If other people like it I'm happy. I like what I like and I'm happy to share it. But it offends me that my hard work is degraded into something trashy and stupid. It offends me when people i used to know do not think of me as people should, as a person, but objectify me and stereotype me into someone that I do not recognize. I will not feel sorry for creating this website. I created something that has helped me with opportunities I would not have been able to have before it. I suppose in a way it is selfish, I know the website does help with my resume and what, but this is what I would like to do. I write about bands, I interview people, if anything I shamelessly promote other people. I don't understand why anyone has resentment against me for any reason, I have not done anything offensive. I'm just a nice girl who works hard to get where I'm trying to go. Don't persecute me for it.