letters of success

i've reached the point of writer's block when it comes to writing my own shit like stories/essays you can probably tell in the lack of content in the LETTERS OF SUCCESS page on theonlyglitterati.com, now i don't know what to do about the whole situation. right now i've been reading Diary a novel by chuck palahniuk, and it is affecting my writing, so i've been coming up with darker themes. anyways, i watched august rush the other day slightly tipsy and i've decided that it would have been much better if at the ending there was a scene of a whole reunion. i almost felt unfulfilled and completely not assured that they would live happy all together. but maybe that was just the vodka and my sappy heart...

i feel like it's almost time to start writing resolutions for the new year. remind me to add these:

buy more polaroid film
start cleaning Pete's bowl more often.
keep my bedroom clean
clean out closet
don't take shit from pinheaded bitches.