the press

I was thinking about it today, it's odd I have always hated the press. Journalists in general I really despise. I know that I am halfway to being some kind of second rate journalist but I will not have it. The press sucks the life out of everything. I hate that. I can never really describe what theonlyglitterati.com is, kind of like a magazine, kind of like a blog. My friend Kavin W of sharkvsbear.com described it as "kind of like the diary of a cool kid". I ask questions that I would ask someone I was getting to know. I choose the people to interview because I think they'd be cool friends, sometimes they are my friends already, sometimes we become friends. I would like to think I help blur the lines between what's appropriate and what's not. Take them out to a party, let them stay at your house. It's weird because I don't even think that's strange, I think that it's nice.