if you didn't know that i'm in london than i don't know what to tell you

anyways. i got back from zurich yesterday and it was so wonderful.

just a complete mess of people and things and lightbulbs and kisses.
i can't even say anything about it though. i shot 8 rolls of film while i was there, although i can say that a lot of them are of those boys in the Parisians and the Littl'ans. drinking, playing, everything.

and Clem from the Parisians was teaching me how to swear in french. just look at the photos to see for yourself i suppose. will be back home on the 16th or 17th. well develop them then. anyways last night we went to Catch and danced to zombie disco squad of which one of the members i'm staying in their flat.

tonight i believe i will play with the girls from Junkettes and we will see what develops. until next time