if looks could kill

i'm having some sort of ridiculous faze where i've slept for twelve hours and still feel like shit. I have decided since both you and i know that i can't seem to write anything for myself anymore that the "Letters of Success" section on the website will have to be taken down and then be turned into a "special features" section. My friends, Les Saboteurs will start writing little columns for me in a new section in the special features called "The World Is Ours". don't worry though, if you're a fan of the "bad essay" and emily-nicole's personal essay it will be in the special features section as well.

i was listening to my recorder last night with the interviews i did in london and honestly they're amazing. i'm almost done typing all of them up so i should put them up this week. look out for them. i also will be putting up some film i developed from london.

till next time