youth alcoholic

last night was hilarious, i think whenever i wear doc martens it affects my personality where i think i can take anyone. it's been raining in crazy excess here. our look of the week is wet rat. anyways, hilarious, i dj'd (gala pretended to dj) at the afterparty last night for like, 20 minutes because i was having a mad fit at the people around the dj area and i was cussing them out because they were trying to play songs and i started pushing people out the way. actually i was pushing people all night, i don't know, another punk moment. gala got a little out of hand too, as we always do. i feel like now me and her always get up to shit and we always prance around like we own everything.
anyways i'm having a party, the details are underwraps, but the one year anniversary of the only glitterati is upon us. so, if you know me come, if you don't come too. in about a month. it will be crazy, just because if you know how we like to have fun, it either gets messy or violent in the end.... Les Saboteurs, me, and tentatively the lovely VNDLSM will be djing. amazing!