an excerpt.

with just a push and a shove he was gone, my best friend down a cliff and i, remorseless, stood there grinning.

My stomach rumbled and shook and my eyes were crazed, light leaks blurred my vision. we used to kiss and bathe in the sea, we made love to the seafloor and showed it our ways. it scolded and told us to get lost. told us to stop drinking that goddamn dirty water. it influenced our language, made the words we said come out in grotesque and sacrilegious shapes. we moved on to the forests, the deep and dark forests. murky and musical, the leaves rustled and sticks would snap, it was like the music people got on to. we smoked the wild flowers and took off our clothes just to be closer to the earth. our arms freckled and our faces darkened. we laid down the law. we puked the city out of our lungs, our pores filled with pollen. we were content in the wildness, the natural mess of it all. we contructed weapons out of rocks and wore feathers 'round our necks, we forecasted our zodiac fortunes in the stars. the forest was our summer love, comfortable and always nurturing, we nuzzled our heads in its breast. autumn came and the forest showed signs of disdain, a lack of commitment. it shed its skin, and its love for us.
winter came overnight and our hair crystallized. our skin glistened and emitted glittering ice, we were beautiful and could not feel a thing. we awoke in the clouds, feather light. the sky was kind, she offered a chance at redemption. we always escape through a technicality, rightfully so, we never did kill spiders or put our elbows on the table. we moved underground, too tired to lose the sin on our trail, we kept our feet dirty. the youth of our days was a disease, preventing wisdom of age to prevail. we kept it short, and we always won.