End of an era

January-December 2008

the happy fits of rage, melodramatic dance bruises, pinot grigio pushing, falling down flights of stairs, ankle spraining, tailbone bruising, january, crashing the four seasons, walking home in the snow on new years, open bar wristbands, on tour with the band, lost in translating, zurich's redlight district, london london, robbin's european cream cheese bagels, running around picadilly for a bathroom, catch, party hopping, fur coats, sharing apartments with boys in bands, endless amounts of V.C.'s, tambourine shaking, february, sweaty betty's, broken glass, falling into snowbanks, catching the last train, in the darkroom for days, falling in love with mystical boys who can't be fallen in love with, dead car batteries, naked viron, flooding the bathroom, art highschool house parties, infomercials in hotel rooms, not getting in, puppy eyes, gross 40s, 1.5ers, march, short time romancing, new york, millionaires apartments, premier issue of hedonism, getting rhian sick in the morning, 24 hour dance parties, downtown creative community, intern at a-ron's, homeless new york, agathe's wolf dog, hating the future, everyone you need to know is here, the office, april, london paris, hilton paris, too close to the eiffel, chasing laduree macaroons, pinot/chardonnay/marlboro menthols, wandering bastille, the bad arondissements, angry gypsies, hating paris, the boys who sit around the arch, la truskel, silly bands, wine on the seine, clement being a squatter and always late, playing pictionary in french bars, legends of rock and roll, baguettes with brie and avocado, second issue of hedonism, rainy london, jack the ripper, alex howard, marriott's, hilton's, planes, may, streetcar pick up lines, marky mark, falling on people, wrongbar, studio, large bottles, nicotine hot boxing, red eyes, pushing boys, venus fly traps, bar dates, bolton, abandoned houses, sparklers, june, runaway boy "friends", getting lost in dog hill, too much red, being vindictive, getting caught at the border, keeping it sweet, rooftops, mushroom cheesy fries, having nothing better to do, rhian's squat, above schiller's, heat, bug bites, dank basement bedrooms, the loft on bleeker and lafayette, o'dell life talks, street punks, july, ice cream picnics, soapy trampolines, bike rides, sailing, getting tan, tanlines, james turns gold, arriving at kyle's unannounced, spraypainting in parks, night turn into day, queen street north side, ossington all the way up, poutine, shared loft, bellwoods, riding in the rain, box wine, uh oh 751, waiting for parties at ice cream parlours, other people's houses, jack attack, grabbing, blue nails, roadtrip to picton, sleeping on the beach, dead animals, coming down, deserts, august, running away, one way ticket to london, dizzee, ralphi lou, misty, harriet, underage, ronnie, artrocker, real english breakfast, losing my journal, spraypainting doors, chairs, new art, weird basement afterhours, being depressed with the weather, first class ticket back, being depressed still, oh open bar, tiny vices, coming to terms, september, mr. grainger, three week ramp tramps/skater daters, famous at the skate park, been there dunbat, rachel in bronques shower, new interns, vice office, feeling nauseous because of men in bmw's, losing job, sweater weather, october, throwing rocks at boy's houses, nuit blanche, dex, the virgins/black kids for the last time, mystical donald, gala's owen, wineland, vineyards, being mad at tease jack, that one significant party, canzine, funny brownies, new york, halloween, mcginley magic, gardiner twins, brigitte, edie, wednesday, false alarms, loft 910, being freezing, bedford ave., brewery concerts, jarmusch, margaritas, tequila, goth dolls, fake five dollar bills, the gramercy, witnessing the end of the it girls, november, love squares, chasing, the after after party, marathons, champagne, when you're twenty one you're no fun, juggling, throwbacks, ex boyfriends, charity show, veuve cliquot when you need it most, losing sleep, tattoo, snow, being found out, bonjour tristesse, night after night, december, the shakes, so cold, cuddling, blanket forts, honey, lester bangs fanzine, out of control, vodka kiss, ambition, butterfly in cage, runaway, disappointments, strangest christmas in record, gala the roommate, new years.

Tonight is an end of an era, I hope you are wearing black, we're in mourning.