just an opinion

personally, i don't like expressing opinions on the internet, or really a lot in general.

but there has been one thing that has been driving me crazy.
where are the girls?

in this world of counter cultures and subcultures i have realized a while ago that at least the one that i spend time in and everyone i know is part of, where are all the girls? i mean, there are some... sarah morrison, roxy oxy cottontail, but the general scene has been directed for as long as i can remember been dictated by older boys (more so men) with facial hair. i don't have a problem with it really... well actually i do. i respect those people a lot. i mean they've done what a lot of other artists have done and basically have created a world within their worlds that fulfills their fantasies of life, of what they'd like their life to be like, what they've surrounded themselves in. it may seem a little perverted, but what artist isn't? dov charney has basically outfitted every girl in his clothing to suggest sex... no arguments or anything. i mean the double u neck dress has gotten boys for me. terry richardson gets girls naked for his lens in an instant. like magic. i could name more names but what use is that? i just don't understand why everyone seems to be living a dirty old man's fantasy. i respect those legends that have made it happened. but why are girls just taken as objects, as ideals of other people's imaginations and happy to fill that role. the blank eyed looks in many event photography websites that create style icons. where are the smart girls using their looks for something more than that? why aren't girls starting sexy revolutions? where are the dirty girls? stop getting your photo taken and start taking photos. infiltrate social networks and take them as yours.